NEST Retail Sector Courses

Retail Industry seeks people with attitude to serve and the aptitude to manage people,space,finance and merchandise in order to satisfy customers.India is youngest country in the world. It is apt time for youngsters to join the retail sector jobs and rapidly grow in their career. It is estimated that the organized retail sector will require manpower of 18 million by the year 2022.

Nidan Education and Skill Training offers a wide range of retail sector courses which will equip these young individuals with the skills and knowledge required by Retail sector companies.

Different Roles, Different Names

The employees hired by retail companies are usually known as cashier, store keeper, promoter, in-store person, layout display, floor managers, floor executives, lobby managers, etc. At a corporate level, they would be called sales managers or marketing managers. The growth and expansion of the retail industry has seen the upsurge of plenty of malls, supermarkets, movie theatres, and hypermarkets for the general public. Though the products they see are different, the basic functionality remains the same, of capturing customers’ hearts.

Required Education

A formal education is not always required to obtain a job in retail sales; however, auto or electronics dealers may show a preference for high school graduates.

Skills Required

Successful retail salespersons are active listeners with excellent verbal communication skills and a friendly and sincere demeanour. They are familiar with the merchandise they sell, adept at anticipating customers’ needs and quick in making appropriate recommendations. The ability to maintain a moderate level of energy and enthusiasm and a willingness to help are also important.