NEST Electronics Sector Courses

Offices, homes and industries make extensive use of computers. Telephone calls, ATMs, television programming, etc, all require network connectivity and Hardware configuration.

According to the Annual Report 2014-15 presented by the Department of Electronics & Information Technology ,IT Services has registered.

Nidan Education and Skill Training offers a wide range of retail sector courses which will equip these young individuals with the skills and knowledge required by Retail sector companies.

With countless new electronic products or equipment reaching the market, there is a large demand for electronic repair technicians and engineers. As a result, you may be interested in moving into the electronics repair field. The electronic servicing field is considered a prestigious job. If you are really good in your work, there is almost no competition and you can acquire skills that allow you to earn enough money. Servicing is an ideal combination of your intelligence, efficiency and easy mechanical work. By gaining more experiences the efficiency and skills automatically becomes instinctive.