Who We Are

Nidan is a pioneer in the field of learning with a long history of innovation. Nidan provides skill based learning solutions for our candidates nationwide, who range from enterprises, governments programme and education customers to mid-sized and small businesses.

Our courses, books and videos have been developed by industry-leading learning experts to ensure that they build talent and develop a more knowledgeable, productive and valuable workforce.

Our customer support teams draw on a wealth of in-house experience, flexible delivery platforms and a comprehensive learning programs tailored to our customers’ needs and industry standard program provided by NSDC, NSDA, and SDIS.

We made skill development as our 5 years mission program.

Strengthen skill development programme run under government of India like NSDC,MES capabilities by providing innovative training solutions, resulting in availability of significant skilled man power for world.

Our solutions include

  • Compliance training’
  • Complex learning initiatives
  • New personnel training or team building
  • Skills/knowledge assessment
  • Skills gap reduction
  • Certification-based training
  • New technology roll-outs
  • Curriculum development and tailored content
  • Hands-on, Real-world Training from a Team You Can Trust
  • We have the resources and capabilities ready to help you reach your
  • training and development goals


Dedicated program managers to ensure project success

  • Skilled instructors experienced in teaching for minimum 5 years
  • Robust course catalog featuring business skills training and certification preparation
  • Nationwide training locations
  • Quick response to your training needs