Training Methodology

India has the second largest pool of human resources in the world. With one of the youngest population in the world, a low dependency ratio and a surplus workforce.

On one hand , by 2020 the world is expected to encounter a shortage of 47 million working people , however, on the other hand India will have a surplus of 56 million working people.

In order to utilize this demographic dividend, India needs to impart adequate and appropriate attitude, skills and knowledge to its workforce.

According to the Economist Intelligence unit, NASSCOM and McKinsey & Co. report, currently only 30% of Indian IT Graduates, only 25% of the engineering graduates, 15% of finance and accounting professionals and 10% of professionals with any kind of degree are suitable to be employed in companies.

Based on the findings Nidan prepared a road map (TIGER Methodology) to conduct series of interventions with which we will try to bridge this Gap to different sectors and functional domains in the industry.