Company History

Nidan Technologies Pvt. ltd. was started in 2004 in Jabalpur, with a goal to offer the world-class products and services in the field of software and education in India. The promoters are technocrats and professionals in the field of Software and Training.

For initial 2 years, company was operating mainly in Madhya Pradesh. In the year 2005 – 06, expansion took place in Maharashtra. Nagpur where company started its SMS based enquiry system for SEC Railway.

From 2004 till date, NTPL due to its strong footings and reliable name, reached in five states of India.

Customer Service Philosophy

The Nidan brand stands for the highest quality, the highest value, and an unswerving commitment to customer care and service.

We’ve been training skill development since 2004. Unlike other general skill training companies or vendors, each of us is a specialist in the specific areas of Skill training we instruct – it’s what we do.

Our instructors write, lecture, and research in the field of their skill and its supporting disciplines.

We also field a highly trained sales and support staff who are knowledgeable about our services and able to assist you.

We’re experienced, knowledgeable and, uncharacteristically in this day and age, available to serve you in person. You can talk to us!